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Activity: Constructing Antibodies - Students cut and paste various light chains and heavy chains to the constant region of an antibody.  After completing this lab, students will be able to sketch and label the correct structure of an antibody and explain how each different antibody functions to bind to a specific antigen.  

After completing this activity, students will
  • know antibodies, antigens, isotypes B-cells
  • know the structure of antibodies, including different regions -heavy, light, constant, variable
  • be able to model antibody specificity

Virtual Lab:  Immunology Lab - This virtual laboratory will demonstrate how such a test, termed an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), is carried out and show some of the key experimental problems that may be encountered.

After completing this virtual lab, students will
  • know humoral immunity, ELISA
  • understand how ELISA techniques are able to detect human disease
  • identify potential error of a diagnostic test

Lab: Simulated AIDS Testing - Students follow the steps of the simulated ELISA test procedure to determine which individuals show a positive ELISA test and which do not.  

After completing this lab, students will
  • be able to create a sketch of structures/molecules and reactions involved that explains how an ELISA test works 
Quiz:  Antibodies & ELISA's
Disease Diagnostics         
Unit 4: Immune System & Related Disorders
Antibodies & ELISA's
Mar 28, Fri, Day E
Mar 31, Mon, Day F
Apr 1, Tues, Day A
Review:  Antibodies & ELISA's  - Class discussion
Apr 3, Wed, Day C
Apr 4, Early Thurs - 
No class
Alternate Assignment:  Review Worksheet - Genetic Sequencing
Apr 5, Fri, Day D
Research Project:    Immune Diseases/Disorders - Individually, each student completes synopsis charts for 15 immune disorders.  This information will be used for a diagnostic group challenge.  

Assigned:  April 1 , Tues                             Due:  April 16, Wed
After completing this project, students will be able to
  • assess the credibility and validity of information sources and scientific methods, techniques and claims (websites, scientific journals, articles, etc.  )
  • integrate multiple sources into a clear, organized summary regarding immune system related disorders