Wilburworld of Science

Family History Project
Part 1  Project Assigned:  Mar 13, Thur            

Due:   Mar  19, Wed  Research cards
What's Your Family Health Story / Information Cards - Students interview family members and collect basic health information that will be helpful in assessing your family history and creating an individual health plan.  
Pedigree & WebQuest:  Using Family History to Improve Your Health - Students search various websites to explore some of the most common complex disease, their risk factors and best prevention lifestyle choices.    
Students organize family history and decide which disease they want to track in their family pedigree.   Students draw preliminary sketch of their family pedigree and organize associated risks factors and other possible connections.
Essential Question
Why does your doctor ask so many questions about your family history and your lifestyle choices?   

What lifestyle choices should you make, after analysis of your family history? 
Part 2:  Mar 20, Thur            

    Due:   Mar  31, Mon