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Genetic Disorder Research Project
Research Project Assigned:  (at home)  Genetic Diseases/Disorders - Individually, each student completes synopsis charts for 15 genetic disorders.  This information will be used for a diagnostic group challenge.  
Case Study  Challenge:  Challenge Genetic Diseases/Disorders - Students use synopsis charts of  various genetic disorders for a group diagnostic challenge.  

After participating in this activity, students will 
  • be able to integrate knowledge regarding genetic diseases disorders with diagnostic methods and use problem solving skills to identify case study diseases/disorders
Essential Question
How can genetic mutations cause disease?  
Mar 21, Fri, Day F
After completing this project, students will be able to
  • assess the credibility and validity of information sources and scientific methods, techniques and claims (websites, scientific journals, articles, etc.  )
  • integrate multiple sources into a clear, organized summary regarding genetic related disorders
Mar 24, Mon, Day A