Wilburworld of Science

HOUSE:  Miscellaneous Diseases / Disorder Research Project
Project Assigned:   Thursday, Dec 5

10 Due:   Friday, Dec 20

10 Due:  Tues, Jan 21
100 pts
After completing this project, students will be able to
  • assess the credibility and validity of information sources and scientific methods, techniques and claims (websites, scientific journals, articles, etc.  )
  • be able to identify examples of diseases caused by degeneration, congenital deformations, environmental factors, lifestyle choices, nutrient deficit, toxins, poisons, and physical trauma

Research Assignment:   

Students will choose 20 disease of interest, from the list given, and locate valid, credible sources of information pertaining to each disease. Students will complete one Synopsis Sheet & a Website Evaluation Forms checklist for each disease/disorder. 
Dec 5, Thur, Day F
Class time given to begin project research.
Teacher assists students in completing synopsis sheets.
Feb 4, 5, 6, 
Mon, Tues, Wed 
Days A, B C
100 pts
Case Study Trivia:  Working in groups, students will use their research and critical thinking skills to diagnose patient cases as clues such as; case histories, symptoms & diagnostics test results are given.  

After completing this activity, students will
  • be able to collaborate to reach a common goal
  • be able to use critical thinking skills to perform a differential diagnosis.