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Course Intro - Parent Feedback Form
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Student Allergies:  Due to the nature of these courses, students will be exposed to a variety of substances.  Please list any allergies that you would like me to be aware of. 
Foreseeable Issues/Suggestions:  Do you have any concerns that you would like to make me aware of regarding your son/daughters specific needs as this school year begins?  
Feedback:   Did you find this site to be informative or too much information?  Is there anything I should add?  Subtract? 
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Dear Parent/Guardian, 

     Your child’s education is important to me.  I will work very hard to make sure that the learning environment in Rm. D103 remains constructive and productive. I will do my best to create lesson plans that intrigue and motivate students, promoting true learning and understanding.  As you know, it takes parents, students, and teachers working together to ensure a suitable learning environment for all students. As one of the first assignments of this new school year, students were asked to present you with an information card that directed you to this site.  The parent page you just read outlines important information and suggestions for a productive school year.  Please work with your son/daughter to complete the checklist on this card ASAP.  Also, please take a moment to complete this form. I am looking forward to a dynamic year in science!  Thank you in advance for your support.

Ms. Kerry Wilbur
Forensic Science & Biology
Student Photos - Students will participate in many exciting labs and activities throughout the year in this classroom. I would like to share some of these experiences with parents by posting pictures on my class website. Please check one of the following, after discussing with your son/daughter.  
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I DO give Ms. Wilbur permission to use pictures taken in class to be posted on the class website, ultimately, subject to student approval.
I DO NOT give Ms. Wilbur permission to use pictures taken in class to be posted on the class website.