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1.  provide clear, user-friendly expectations for student learning and behavior.

  • Course Grading Policies, Classroom Procedures and Lab Safety Rules are outlined for students on the first day of class. Please read these and reinforce safe and productive behavior in this classroom/lab.  
                        * Grading Policies & Classroom Procedures
                                 Forensic Science            
                        Lab Safety Contract
  • This site includes a course page outlining the units for each course.  The essential questions which drive each unit are posted on this page.  Unit/topic pages include the knowledge, understandings and skills that students are expected to gain through completion of all activities.
  • Many assignments will include assessment rubrics.  Rubrics are scoring tools that clearly represent the performance expectations for an assignment or piece of work. 
This web page is specifically designed for the Parents / Guardians   of students in Forensic Science or Biology. 
Parent Communication & Feedback Forms
My goals are to: 
2.   provide you with course curriculum, a projected agenda and up-to-date changes. 

  • Over the course of the year, I will attempt to upload all information and assignments to this website (lab instructions, readings, notes, worksheets, project criteria, grading rubrics, links to related websites and other materials)
  • In the case of absence, encourage your student to access what he/she missed from this website.  

3.  suggest strategies to help you support learning at school and home.

  • Ask student to share anything interesting that they learned today.  The best way to retain new information is to teach someone else what you just learned.  
  • Help with homework and projects.  Go over assignment requirements and assessment rubrics with student.  Make sure he/she understands the requirements and expectations before beginning the assignment or project. Read his/her writing assignments and give feedback.  Let the student know if what they've written isn't clearly understandable and/or sensible, checked for errors and completed to his/her best ability.
  • Encourage critical thinking and problem solving!  Many students are severely lacking in these skills.  When they ask you for help,  don't just give them the answer.  Help them arrive at the correct answer by presenting them with guided questions.  Or, have them "Google it". Searching for, assessing the credibility of and integrating several sources of information is also a very valuable skill.    
  • Come to Parent Conferences/Open House on 
4.  establish two-way communication about student performance and learning.

  • Signing up to utilize Parent Portal is the most efficient way for you and your student to monitor his/her grades.  Every student grade is posted to this site and term averages reflect a current calculation of all submitted and graded assignments. Forms to initiate a parent portal account will be given to each student on the first day of school.  These should be completed and submitted to the front office ASAP.  Your will be given an access code to set up your online account.  The parent portal guide steps you through this process.  
  • If any issues arise throughout the school year, please don't hesitate to Contact Me by email (through the link above) or by phone (781-344-7001 Ext. 4103).  If there are any issues that you feel would benefit your student to make me aware of earlier rather than later, please note these in the Course Introduction Parent Feedback Form.  These forms are submitted only to me. Professional confidentiality and sensitivity to your families needs are important to me.  
5.  support you in encouraging your child to participate actively in the classroom and in the school community.

  • Discuss Class Dojo feedback with your student regarding his/her participation and behavior.  
  • I strongly encourage cooperative learning both at school and at home.  There are multiple ways to solve a problem. Other students may have useful ways to approach an assignment or project.  If he/she finds something difficult, encourage your student to work with, or ask for help, from a classmate.  
  • Encourage your student to participate in Science Fair and come see the result of his/her hard work on Mar 8th.
  • Encourage your student to participate in Science Olympiad events throughout the year.