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I will work very hard to make sure that the learning environment in Rm. D103 remains constructive and productive. The following guidelines are set to ensure the safety of everyone and to gain the maximum benefit from the time and resources allotted to us.  These courses consist mainly of hands-on labs/activities.  In order to complete them within a 40 / 90 minute class period, we really need to work together and be organized!  This Power Point is the amusing version of the somewhat stuffy paper I used to hand out. 
This web page is specifically designed for students who are taking Biology or have elected to take Forensic Science 

It will include: 
  • Introductory Course Materials
  • Student Feedback Forms
  • Organizational Materials
  • Helpful Websites

Organization is KEY to successful learning!  Keep track of stuff!  If you prefer a color coded calendar or bell schedule to the school agenda, download mine and alter them according to your preferences. 
2016-2017 Bell Schedule